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Primal Rage    

R 106 min HollywoodHorror

IMDB: 4.8/10 1,519 votes

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Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p”Primal Rage” is a terrible horror film with a confused storyline. The promising beginning recalls 1972 “Deliverance”, with the redneck hunters dangerously teasing the young couple. It is amazing the lack of chemistry of this lead couple. The Indian community and the sheriff recall 1971 “Billy Jack” with their visions. And the creature is a hybrid of “Predator” and any low-budget Big Foot film. The result is a complete mess with awful conclusion. My vote is four.Lets start with the bad. I really don’t see why writers seem to think making key and peripheral characters, mostly unlikable, is a good thing in the context of a survivalist horror? After all if you can’t empathise with the characters predicament, how can you genuinely feel afraid for them when things turn sour? Its a mistake I see again and again.

I think too, the decision to introduce the creature stalking them so early in the piece, in its entirety, wasn’t well considered either. The sense of the unknown, the half seen or glimpsed adds to the creeping sense of mystery and menace in a poorly lit forest setting. It leads into some fairly intense action which includes more than its share of blood soaked horror, that reminded me, in a low tech, cave man kind of way, of films like Predator .In short Primal Rage is a moderately watchable B grade horror flick that’s acceptable fare for a slow wet weekend.

On the upside the pacing of this film is decent. It builds well as a group of suspect hunters and an unfortunate couple make their way through the woods. The gun ho antics and at times menacing attitudes of the hunters is gradually eroded as they come to realise there is something else lurking in the woods and its by no means friendly.
Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p Primal Rage Free Movies Download

Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p

Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p
Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p
Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p
Primal Rage Movie Free Download 720p
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