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Monster Hunt 2    

N/A 110 min AdventureComedyHollywoodScience Fiction

IMDB: 5.3/10 641 votes

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Monster Hunt 2 Movie Free Download 720pOnce again, the irresistibly cute baby monster Wuba finds himself pursued by nefarious humans and demons alike, setting the stage for a showdown where his two human parents, Song Tianyin (Jing Boran) and Huo Xiaolan (Bai Baihe), will wage battle with those who seek to exploit him for their own selfish means.

One group pursuing Wuba is led by the veteran monster hunter Yun Qing (Yo Yang), through whom Tianyin and Xiaolan will learn of a Bureau of Monster Hunters where rogue demons that cause mischief and/or havoc upon humankind are kept in lockup. At first, the very addition of the Bureau seems like an attempt by returning director Raman Hui and his trio of writers – Alan Yuen, Chan Wing-sun and Su Liang – to expand the mythical world of medieval China that they had created in the first instalment. Alas, without giving anything away, let’s just say that the lavish art direction by Hui’s cross-cultural team (comprising of Li Jianwei, Guillaume Aretos and Yohei Taneda) is unfortunately wasted by the time Yun Qing and his Bureau henchmen’s true identity is revealed, a twist that seems lazily transplanted from the earlier film.Another group is led by the notorious gambler Tu Sigu (Tony Leung Chiu-wai), who wants Wuba as repayment for his debts to the female Boss Chu (Li Yuchun). By chance, Tu makes Wuba’s acquaintance early on, but seeing no inherent value in the radish-like monster, kicks him off into the forest. Upon learning that Boss Chu is willing to release him from his debts.

Tu sets off to search for Wuba, assisted by his loyal tubby monster assistant Ben-Ben. It is no surprise that he and Wuba will forge a connection during the course of the movie, so much so that he will have second thoughts about giving Wuba away to his creditor.  Monster Hunt 2 Movie Free Download 720p Monster Hunt 2 Free Movies Download

Monster Hunt 2 Movie Free Download 720p

Monster Hunt 2 Movie Free Download 720p
Monster Hunt 2 Movie Free Download 720p
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